Culinary Image teams up with Cork’d blog

Recently I was able to begin a relationship with the Cork’d blog. This is very exciting for me since this will help to provide great wine content for my readers. I’ll be getting great advice on wines and pairings. Below is a wonderful article about a recently done Blind Chardonnay tasting.  Check it out –

Results from the Blind @Corkd #Chardonnay Twitter Tasting

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Posted: May 7th, 2010

The world’s most well known micro-blogging platform converged with the world’s most well known white wine grape last night. Organized by St. Supery Vineyards’ Rick Bakas, wine loving twitter users were invited to join in the virtual tasting by popping a bottle of Chardonnay, tweeting about their bottle of choice, and interacting with one another, and even some Chardonnay producers. This wasn’t the first event of its kind. In the past couple of months #Merlot and #WineBlends have also been placed atop the Twitter pedestal….

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