The Old Place – A Gem in the Santa Monica Mountains

The first thing you notice about The Old Place is the smell of the oak grill wafting in the air, luring you in and whetting your appetite for a great meal. Located in the former town of Cornell it was originally Hanks country store and the post office was in the back. It was bought...
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San Sebastian (aka Donostia, in Basque) has become one of the culinary capitals of Spain. It has a rich turbulent early history which finally gave way in the later 1800s and became a summer resort for royalty and many other well-known figures. Also during this time, the phenomenon of Basque gastronomical societies (txoko in Basque)...
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New Small Plates Menu at Saddle Peak Lodge

There are so many things to love about the Saddle Peak Lodge with its stone fireplaces, timber frame structure and hunting lodge feel complete with Michelin Star food and service. It’s always had a stellar reputation for serving wild game as well as seasonal menus and chef’s tasting menus. The latest addition is their refreshing...
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$100 Eggroll with Chef Jack Lee

There is only one Chef Jack Lee and he takes creativity to a whole new level with taste, consistency, and innovation in the kitchen. We spent the day with Chef Jack where we experienced a taste of the finer things in life; traditional dishes with an Escoffier twist as interpreted thru the eyes of Mad Jack....
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Photographer Bob Dickey Opens His Exhibit of Eclectic Wine Country Art in SLO While Legendary Winemaker Chuck Carlson Pours

By Georgina Stassi. It’s my kind of night when two of my favorite Rock Stars of Wine appear in the same room — Bob Dickey and Chuck Carlson. When I say I love these guys, I mean it! They are fun, they are interesting, they are intelligent, and most importantly, they are both great at...
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Spare Ribs, New Belgium Beer

1554 New Belgium Spare Ribs

  I had the opportunity to enter a recipe competition sponsored by New Belgium Brewing. I figured I’d give it a shot and see if I was one of the lucky ones that would be chosen. I checked out their website and found out that the only beer I was familiar with was Fat Tire. I was...
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She’s Just the Avocado Next Door

By G. Stassi for MizEnPlace.  I love trees and I’ve never met one that I couldn’t find something beautiful about with one exception – the homely avocado tree. It’s awkward –it’s huge –it’s blossoms are indiscernible and the fruit is unapproachable. It seems like one has to wait months before you’ll ever get to taste...
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Fanoos Persian Restaurant Grill: Deliciously & Conscientiously Prepared

By G. Stassi.  This review is dense, delicious, and detailed because this little, impressive restaurant truly delivers a wonderful and satisfying experience. For years, Fanoos has provided fresh and conscientiously prepared “zabihah halal” Persian comfort food, and the service has been consistent and courteous. So if you want to understand more about Persian food, what...
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Because Everyday They Feed My Soul

By G. Stassi. It’s 4am. I am now enjoying my coffee, biscotti, and my five of my cats are sitting on the table staring at me even after they’ve eaten — it’s all mental telepathy with those guys. I’m starting to wonder about the things I do for them that were, unbeknownst to me, implanted...
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