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Florence Gelato & Pizza Class (Min: 2 pax)

From: 145.00

Please choose 2 alternate dates and times for your Class


Roll up your sleeves and discover how to prepare the perfect pizza base. 

Your chef will teach you how to make the dough. Learn all about yeast and the perfect leavening. 

That can vary with the type of oven you have.

Each of you will then choose your preferred topping. You can add sauce to make a ‘pizza Rossa,’ or you may like a pizza without tomato called a ‘pizza Bianca.’ 

Your gelato will include two delicious flavors. A seasonal fruit flavor so you can make a sorbet. Your second gelato is a cream of your choice made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Once you’ve finished, you’ll sit down to eat and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a well-earned glass of Prosecco or a soft drink of your choice.

Price per person:

2 pax 195€ / 3-4 pax 155€ / 5-7 pax 135€ / 8-10 pax 110€


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