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Fried Pizza Cooking Class and Craft Beer Tasting in Naples

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Live Naples in a whole new way: learn how to make fried pizza and enjoy a beer tastings with four types of Neapolitan craft beer. Take the chance to taste the real flavor of the fresh ingredients in the place where pizza was born! Moreover, become enchanted by all the secrets of Neapolitan fried pizza and discover the flavors of genuine Neapolitan beer.

In this class you will prepare and fry your own authentic montanara pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella. A truly unforgettable pizza experience where you can see how the pizza grows in the frying oil. Our professional chefs provide all of the equipment, tools, and fresh ingredients that you need. Fried pizza, much like the classic Neapolitan pizza, is made up of simple ingredients but it is passion and creativity that make the difference.

In the beer tastings, you will sample four types of craft beer: two golden beers, one red, and one amber. You will taste the different balance between a lager beer of 4.8 to an ale of 7.

Let you enchanted from all the freshness, the genuine ingredients and the flavors in a beautiful Restaurant in front of the sea of Naples and Castel Nuovo. Enjoy your fried pizza and the beer tastings spending a good afternoon in the verace Naples.

Collect memorable moments with us and learn more about Italian cuisine. Eat and Walk Italy was born from the idea of wanting to convey the love and experience of Italian cuisine to the world. Learn the true tricks of the trade in their cooking classes and walking food and wine tours. Their team of chefs are traditional Italian food specialists with true passion for Italian cuisine and for Italian foods.

This cooking class includes:

  • Theoretical and practical lesson with an English-speaking professional chef
  • Fresh, local, seasonal ingredients
  • Your own from-scratch fried pizza
  • Tasting four types of craft beer: two golden beers, one red, and one amber.
  • One bottle of your favorite beer from the tasting
  • Water
  • Lemon sorbet

Cost (per person):

  • Adult $85
  • Child $75


  • 2h (1h for the class and beer tasting and 1h to enjoy your meal)


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