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Paella and Sangría - Online Cooking Class

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During this private online cooking class, we will cook together, always at your own pace; following the Spanish chef´s instructions, and checking each step. You will learn to cook this classic Spanish recipe and enjoy an authentic Spanish experience at home, which you can recreate over and over. Also, you will learn the rules and traditions on how to eat and serve paella.

1.5 hours

Minimum Group Size
5 persons

Maximum Group Size
15 persons

8 pm GMT


English and Spanish

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From Spain to the UK and from journalism to running my own food business in Cambridge. I have been working as a private chef for the last 7 years, catering for private events, and teaching Spanish recipes. In a nutshell, sharing my passion for food and connecting with people through my cooking.

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My name is Estefania Led Ramos, I come from Aragon, Spain, and moved to England in 2011. After many years working as a journalist, I decided it was time to follow a life-long passion, something that I really enjoy – cooking and making other people happy with my food. My story is not unusual but might sound like a kind of a challenge, moving from one country to another, and leaving my career as a journalist to start a new one as a chef. It wasn´t easy, I have to admit. It wasn´t my plan, either, but you never know what life can bring you.