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About the Founder: Rico

About the Founder: Rico - A Culinary Visionary

Discover the Inspiring Journey Behind Miz En Place


 The Heart and Soul of Miz En Place

Rico, the visionary founder and CEO of Miz En Place, embodies a lifelong journey fueled by passions for photography, filmmaking, culinary arts, business acumen, exploration, and entertainment. His mission is to unite people in support of artisanal small businesses worldwide. Rico eagerly welcomes the opportunity to share his compelling story and expertise, inspiring your culinary adventures and culinary dreams.

Culinary Passion Ignited:

Turning Adversity into Opportunity

After the events of 9/11, Rico’s thriving marketing business faced unprecedented challenges. Undaunted by setbacks, he seized the opportunity to follow his lifelong passion for food. Rico embarked on a transformative journey, earning a culinary degree from the renowned Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. His culinary odyssey saw him become a trained chef, with extensive experience in fine dining restaurants, catering, and prestigious wine dinners.

From Wine Tours to Gastronomic Empire:

The Birth of Miz En Place

Rico’s profound love for artisanal food, chefs, and wine led to the creation of luxury wine tours in the Malibu region. These tours became the catalyst for his visionary venture, Miz En Place. Rico’s knack for storytelling blossomed as he interviewed small producers worldwide, sharing their captivating narratives. His mission: to bring these exceptional artisans and their products to a global audience.

About the Founder: Rico

Cooking Unleashed:

Demystifying Culinary Arts

At the core of Rico’s mission is the desire to demystify cooking, removing fear and hesitation from the kitchen. He encourages people to embrace culinary creativity, have fun, and craft delicious dishes using unprocessed, quality ingredients. Rico’s infectious passion for cooking is a journey he’s eager to share with Miz En Place’s community.

Turning Failures into Triumphs:

The Wisdom of Resilience

Rico’s life journey has taught him the profound value of finding gold in failures. His second divorce, although painful caused him to take a deep dive inward to discover look at his part the divorces and what led to them. His journey of self discovery, made it ok for him to be himself and discover who he really was at his core. His first epiphany came a year later driving down a country road in the middle of Tuscany where he realized that his second divorce was a gift that set him on a new course of embracing himself as he is. He believes in welcoming challenges and obstacles as opportunities for learning, growth, and mastery. His experiences have equipped him with invaluable insights that he’s enthusiastic about sharing.

Spreading the Inspiration:

Podcasts, Social Media, and Beyond

Rico’s impact extends beyond Miz En Place. His appearance on a variety of podcasts such as the “Follow Your Joy”, Success Made to Last, Cooking with Positivity and World Food Travel Association and his substantial social media following demonstrate his commitment to inspiring others. In his travels exploring various regions, their culinary traditions and the people behind them, he brings their stories to life to share with others along with sharing his culinary wisdom with the world.