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Success Made to Last with Chef and Entrepreneur Rico Mandel of Miz En Place

Rico Mandel is the creator and CEO of Miz En Place, an abundant artisan gastronomic online marketplace, exploring the world through their products, experiences, and stories. His business incorporates all of his childhood passions- photography, making movies, food, cooking, and entrepreneurship. Enjoy this conversation that is part travel, part philosophy, part cooking, and a whole lot of philosophy.

Follow Your Joy, Episode #28

“I usually have plenty of stories about my travels and food. Today, a new twist! You’ll hear my story about how all my childhood passions came to fruition as a lifestyle business, Miz En Place. How cool is that? A milestone for me, for sure.

My long-time friend, Marla Diann, host of Follow Your Joy Podcast, and success coach/business strategist, helps me paint the picture that dreams do come true when you believe “success leaves clues” along the way. Listen in on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, Google, or YouTube. It’s a fun conversation!”


Cooking with Positivity

Take a moment to listen to Zykia McCoy chat with their new “Cooking with Positivity family chef” Rico Mandel, CEO of Miz En Place, as he tells the story of how he walked out of marketing and straight into the kitchen.