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Dirty Gimlet with Cornichons (Baby Sour Gherkins)

Welcome to our online foodie community. We are glad you are here.

Sharing food and wine is one of the oldest forms of community. Over the years, the age-old ritual of “Breaking Bread” has developed new meaning that builds on meaningful connections to affirm trust, comfort, and confidence with an individual or a group. Breaking Bread is a great ice breaker and an instant way for people to bond over common interests. Miz En Place brings the intimate concept and ritual of Breaking Bread to a global community.

Our mission is to bring food lovers, culinarians, and artisan producers from all over the world together to experience culinary diversity through, the people, flavors, and adventures that make our world such an exciting place.

This site is where you can find a wide range of foods and experiences from all over the world, together in one easy to navigate location. No matter what you are looking for – whether you desire a chef-centered dining experience on a private farm, boutique wines produced in sunny Malibu, hand-made artisan cheese from central California, unique spices from Morocco, or an intimate culinary tour of Tuscany, Italy – it can all be found here for your pleasure.

Our philosophy is to offer great content, unique & flavorful products, outstanding service, and a warm engaging experience for food & wine lovers worldwide. We are glad you are here to join our community and connect with us and our amazing vendors. We strive to foster this positive community, give back to our world, and help each other grow and prosper together.

Miz En Place is about offering a unique, quality experience that has been carefully curated by our team of foodies and industry professionals. Trust of taste is what we offer. If it’s on our site, you can trust that it’s good.

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