FoodBuzz at Beso

I signed up for the Visa Signature sponsored event at Beso for Foodbuzz and was one of the ones who got to go. I decided to do some research on the net about Beso and didn’t find much that was positive. This made me skeptical but never having been there I went with an open...
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Mandy’s Vegan Cookies

I am an omnivore in the truest sense of the word.  I will eat almost anything and certainly try anything at least once.  So when I recently befriended Mandy Unruh, the baking queen, she proceeded to tell me about her baking adventures and that she is particularly interested in vegan baking.  I admit that I...
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Foodie Fights Battle Kohlrabi and Rosemary

What an experience. It is rare now a days that I come across an ingredient that I am not familiar with.  I have always been curious about Kohlrabi but never got around to working with it until now.  So I do a bit of research on the web to see what it is like and...
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