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Discover Parmigiano Reggiano: A Cheese Masterpiece (Parma)

From: $75.00

Alternate dates and times (Availability Time : 8:30)

Alternate dates and times for classes and tours in case they are booked


Behind the Scenes of Parmesan Cheese:

Step into the world of Parmigiano Reggiano, an iconic Italian cheese celebrated for its sweetness and flavor. Explore the heart of gourmet cuisine with My Tour in Italy, where we handle all the details, leaving you with one mission: savor the experience.

Seamless Experience:

Your Parmesan cheese factory adventure begins right at your accommodation, where our driver will whisk you away to the picturesque countryside surrounding Parma.

Historical Insights:

An expert guide will immerse you in the historical origins of Parmigiano Reggiano. This cheese was first crafted by monks during the Middle Ages, and its timeless recipe relies on just three ingredients: milk, salt, and rennet.

Inside the Cheese Factory:

In Italy, cheese factories are often referred to as “caseificio.” While they’ve evolved into modern high-tech facilities, their purpose remains the same. Here, you’ll witness the cheesemakers, or “casari,” at work. They cook raw milk in a colossal copper pot, producing two wheels of Parmesan cheese, each weighing around 88-90 pounds (40 kg).

Crafting Perfection:

Freshly formed wheels are left to rest in round molds to acquire their characteristic shape. Next, they spend 15-30 days submerged in a brine solution, a crucial step that enhances the cheese’s natural flavors. The wheels are rotated daily to monitor salt absorption, ensuring the ideal taste.

Seasoning Warehouse Secrets:

Visit the seasoning warehouse, where you can mimic the experts from the famous TV commercial by tapping cheese wheels with a wooden stick. This auditory inspection ensures the cheese is aging correctly. Only when it produces the perfect sound at 12-24-36-48-60 months is it ready for sale.


Savor the Art:

Conclude your journey with a delectable tasting of Parmigiano Reggiano. Enjoy three distinct aged varieties accompanied by local red wine and other regional delicacies from Parma.


Don’t miss this chance to explore the world of Parmigiano Reggiano.



Included in the price:

  • Pick-up and drop off
  • Professional Driving Guide
  • Visit a cheese factory
  • Parmigiano Reggiano and wine tasting


Additional Information:

– Minimum 2 persons required.

– Please specify any children under 6 years old at the time of booking.

– Please note that the start time of pickup from the meeting point may vary depending on local traffic.

– Please note that the following are not allowed: sandals or flip-flops, pets, open-toed shoes, and strollers.

Meeting point: Available upon booking request

Duration: 3 hours


Children (0-6 years) – $42

Adults – $75

Once booked we will confirm your reservation by email. Please let us know your preferred time and if you have alternate times or dates as well. Classes do book up if you are booking close to your desired date please contact us so we can let you know about availability.

Please Note: Booking times and dates are not confirmed until you receive booking confirmation via email.


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