Avocado Leaf Tea Chamomile Blend

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This blend is comprised of 100% Natural Avocado Leaf and Chamomile and is a fan favorite. It is aromatic and light-bodied with a naturally subtle sweetness. The Avocado Leaf and delicate floral chamomile are in perfect harmony.

Ideal as a relaxing bedtime drink.

Naturally Decaffeinated.

15 Tea Bags Make 30 Cups of Tea!

Our Pyramid Tea Bags do not include Plastics or Microplastics, and are 100% Biodegradable.


Avocado Leaf Tea is the newest entry into the herbal tea market and is a must try for tea lovers and non-tea drinkers alike. If you are looking to add a delicious drink with extraordinary health properties to your daily routine, you owe it to yourself to try Avocado Leaf Tea. We are certain this will become your new favorite tea.

Making Avocado Leaf Tea is a labor of love. Each leaf is hand picked from our avocado trees and inspected for quality. Picking each leaf individually is a very time consuming and labor intensive process but we do this to ensure that every cup of Avocado Leaf Tea you drink is absolutely perfect.

Chamomile Blend Benefits:

-Helps to decrease anxiety
-Helps to treats insomnia
-Clears skin
-Aids in boosting immune system
-Aids in easing stomach pain

-Natural Avocado Leaf Benefits:

-Natural anti-inflammatory
-Reduces risk of heart disease
-Reduces risk of stroke
-Helps kidney function
-Aids in lowering cholesterol
-Aids in lowering blood pressure
-Helps to build a stronger immunity
-Improves gut health
-Contains anti-viral properties
-Helps to promote alertness
-Improves intestinal function
-Aids in memory retention
-Helps to elevate mood
-Improves healthy sleeping patterns
-Aids in reducing stress
-Aids in reducing anxiety


Avocado Leaf, Chamomile Flower

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1 review for Avocado Leaf Tea Chamomile Blend

  1. -Laura, customer

    “When I first read about this tea, I was skeptical. However, I was ready to try anything to improve my overall health. Approximately 1 week after into drinking 1 cup a day, I noticed an improvement to my digestive health and within the first month noticed that the pain in my joints was lessening. Best of all, they taste delicious! It’s what I look forward to the most in the evenings. Nothing like a hot cup of camomile before bed! Thank you Sharon and Scott for putting this tea out in the world!”

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