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SPINOSI Maccheroncini di Campofilone IGP Egg Pasta, 8.8oz (250g)


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Maccheroncini are traditionally served with a mixed meat and tomato sauce, but it can also be enjoyed al aglio, olio e pepperoncino and topped with grilled garden vegetables

Size: 8.8oz (250g)

Origin: Italy

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Nello Spinosi’s home-made pasta made its debut in 1933 when he brought Maccheroncini home to the family. The first pasta factory would be opened in Campofilone and specialized in artisan production of Maccheroncini.

Spinosi have always used high quality raw materials for their pasta products. The egg pasta is mainly produced using 100% Italian fresh whole eggs from hens raised outdoors extensively and with organic feed. They still break each and every egg by hand.

Each sheet of Spinosi pasta products is bronze drawn: a slow and precious production process in which the dough is extruded inside a perforated matrix. The processing is therefore accurate and maintains a tenacious, tasty, and fleshy sheet, where it is possible to feel all the goodness of fresh pasta. The cuts are still combed on the back of a knife, as per tradition, and placed by hand on the typical sheet of folded white paper and left to dry at low temperatures for at least 24 hours. The resulting pasta still retains the taste of home-made pasta.


The dough, prepared with the best durum wheat flour and fresh eggs, without adding water, is laid down in thin layers, cut into thin wires with great skill, and dried on sheets of paper. Maccheroncini di Campofilone are distinguished from all other pasta thanks to the subtlety of its pastry and its fine cut. These features allow the product to have a very low cooking time equal to about 1 minute in boiling water. According to legend, the tradition of Campofilone’s pasta began in 1400. In fact, in the description of a particular recipe, Maccheroncini fini fini are mentioned. The first documentation dates back to the Council of Trent in 1560 relating to this pasta as “angel’s hair” with the following description: They are so thin that they melt in your mouth. Vincenzo Spinosi has established the Spinosi name in the most prestigious restaurants and shops worldwide. Using only the finest ingredients and a natural drying process, Spinosi creates pasta with a consistent and unmistakable porosity that swells considerably during a very short cooking time. The success of this pasta is based on the Spinosi family’s passion for their work and their customer’s love and appreciation for the finest pasta anywhere.


8.8oz (250g)

Durum wheat flour, whole fresh eggs 33,4%



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Weight 14 oz


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