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A wine tasting room in the Santa Monica Mountains


The Cornell Winery and Tasting Room, located in the Santa Monica Mountains, on Mulholland Hwy, is nestled in the tiny historic town of Cornell.  Specializing in wines grown in the Santa Monica mountain region.  With over 50 vineyards in the area, this region is producing some great wine varieties. Helen and I walked into an ambiance that is reminiscent of some of the older parts of Napa Valley.


We met Deanne who walked us around the wonderful showroom filled with locally produced wines as well as mustards, olives, vinegars, wine accessories and much more!  You really do feel the history of the place. Deanne is a story teller and has many historic tales, old and new, that she loves to share. Later during my wine tasting Tim Skogstrom and I met.

cornell tasting room

His knowledge of wine stems from his 25 years in the corporate wine world, however all this is overshadowed by his strong passion for wines. When Tim speaks about wine and Cornell, there is a spark in his eyes and an excitement in his body that overcomes him.  He is very engaging and a wonderful resource to have. We are delighted to have selected Tim Skogstrom as our wine speaker at the 350. org event! Come hear Tim speak and take you through the delights of drinking wine and the story of one of the newest California wine regions.

It’s a wonderful experience, not to be missed!

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