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Travel & Culinary Adventures

What are the Wine Windows in Florence?

The wine windows, or “buchette del vino” in Italian, are small openings in the walls of historical buildings in Florence, Italy, that were used to sell wine by the glass. The traditions of wine windows date back to the 16th

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Artisan Food

Why is my wine orange?!

Wine is one of those “established in ancient times” beverages that rarely (if ever) changes. New categories simply don’t come along. However, surprisingly, the world of wine has been graced with something “new” and rather lovely in color: Orange Wine.

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Chef Rico Mandel

Wine Tasting in Burgenland, Austria

I have gone wine tasting in many places, mostly centered on the sunny U.S. state of California, but I have to say that tasting in Burgenland, Austria was perhaps the most unique and wonderful experience I have had the pleasure

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Wine, Spirits, & Other Alcoholic Drinks

What Should You Know About Timorasso Wine?

The Timorasso grape is one of the indigenous varieties that grow in beautiful Tenuta Montemagno, Italy. Timorasso is an ancient Piedmontese grape variety that was on the verge of extinction back in the 1980s. However, it was rediscovered by Walter

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Wine, Spirits, & Other Alcoholic Drinks

The Ruchè of Tenuta Montemagno

If someone offers you a glass of Ruchè it is probably because they like you! Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato wines have classically been enjoyed during large family gatherings and in times of celebration. It is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful

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France & French Cuisine

Happy Hour at La Poubelle

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when we found ourselves done with our event and were looking for a comfortable and interesting place for happy hour. Coming from DTLA  we decided to go visit La Poubelle, the French translation being “the

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Food & Wine Tastings

Laraneta’s Cardinal Gold

I’ve had many Laraneta wines and the quality is always superb. It’s not just because they make good wine, it’s also because don’t release it until it’s ready to drink, which is always a welcome change from many other producers

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Food & Wine Tastings

Koehler Winery, a must visit!

Turning into the Koehler Winery off of Foxen Canyon Road, you are transported into a beautiful peaceful landscape surrounded by a vineyard punctuated with large gnarled oak trees framed by beautiful rolling hills. From the first time I visited this

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