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CoconutOil (1)
Artisan Food

Is Coconut Oil Healthy? Fact –VS– Fiction

Coconut oil comes from the fruit or nut of the coconut palm tree. Much like olive oil, coconut oil tends to be classified as “virgin” or not. However, unlike olive oil that term really has no meaning for coconut oil

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Artisan Food

Is Balsamic Vinegar Healthy?

Balsamic vinegar is simply an amazing addition to many dishes. Our last article about this yummy liquid went over what balsamic vinegar is, how it is made, what it is typically used for, and what to look for when you

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Artisan Food

Is Sea Salt Better For You Than Table Salt?

Over the last few years sea salt has become incredibly popular as an alternative to table salt even though sea salt has been used as a seasoning by humans since prehistoric times. Aside from culinary uses people often use sea

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Artisan Food

Is Coffee Good For You?

A large number of people start their day with a steaming cup (or two) of coffee. By “large number” I mean coffee is currently the world’s most popular beverage. Without a doubt coffee perks you up and can be a

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Stock-Tea (2)
Artisan Food

Health Benefits of Adding Tea to Your Diet

Tea has been a staple drink in many cultures for thousands of years… and for good reason! It is hydrating, comes in a wide variety of types, flavors, blends, and can benefit your body. Teas are full of nutrients and

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Two ripe raw hass avocados close up
Health & Wellness

She’s Just the Avocado Next Door

By G. Stassi for MizEnPlace.  I love trees and I’ve never met one that I couldn’t find something beautiful about with one exception – the homely avocado tree. It’s awkward –it’s huge –it’s blossoms are indiscernible and the fruit is

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