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Why a food blogger?

That’s me on one of my Malibu Wine Tours – with my faves elk and Buffalo

As a culinary blogger I am always looking to bring a new and fresh perspective to the readers. For me it’s about going behind the scenes and giving as much of an insiders look at what’s going on. What I like are the stories about the people in the business whether it’s a wine maker in Malibu who allows mother nature to determine the true taste of each vintage or the Pig farm that feeds it’s pigs a diet of barley, chips and beer raising both for show and meat.

I love to take my readers on an adventure to give them the same experience that I have the excitement that is the world of food.  My background is that of a professional photographer and a chef. The two muses in my life which are completely intertwined in my blogging. There are times when I’m out on one of my adventures and the smells and flavors are so exquisite that I wish I had a way for you to taste all of them.

Gourmet Lunch at the Vineyard

For me going to a farmers market can be an erotic experience for me. To see so many wonderful offerings and speak to the farmers to hear some of their stories and discover new ingredients and then  imagine what could be done with all those fresh seasonal ingredients tasting and smelling for me is just heaven in a confined space.No matter which way you look at it, food and wine is all about the ingredients, where they come from, how they’re used and what they are ultimately turned into.

When I’m talking my favorite things they are all there, “When I go to San Fran and I need a fix and I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things and then I head to The Ferry Building” A trip to the Ferry Building in San Francisco is another orgasmic experience on a much higher level.

The Heavenly Porcini at Ferry Building

We’re talking a whole new world with caviar and charcuterie, mushrooms and Seafood and let’s not forget cheese and Wind with a smattering of pork products galore, that’s what I’m talkin about. So you see for me food blogging is not just about the recipe it’s about the story behind the recipe it’s what sets my blog apart. Capturing the moment both in the written word and with my camera.

Plating Duck Sous Vide with Daikon & Couscous

Cooking in a restaurant kitchen is the ultimate experience it is truly a heavenly thing to be a part of the true orchestration of elements all coming together with precision to keep the customer happy. The exacting way to plate each dish, the work it takes to prep your Mise and make sure you’re ready to rock when service begins. It’s about the characters who work in restaurant kitchens who work hard and play hard. The creativity of the chefs always looking for the next new ingredient or a different way to reinvent a classic dish.

Many great things go on behind the scenes that no one is privy to and that’s where I want to go into the bowels as well as the main event. I seem to have a good mix of both.When one asks what sets me apart I just tell them that it’s me and my perspective sometimes tweaked or a bit askew. There are those times as well when things are a bit more straight forward but that is more the exception. I just embody the culinary world, it’s a deep part of my soul and keeps me going every day it’s why I am perfect to be the next food blog star.

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What an awesome and fun post to read much much regards in the contest you are a fantastic contender~ good luck!

    Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The contest will be a lot of fun and will definitely keep me on my toes.

Great post! I think we could all learn a lot from you! I look forward to reading more in the future. I voted for you! =)

Good luck!

You can check out my PFB post at :

    Read your blog, very nice. Like the pics and recipe for creme brulee. Thank you for your kind words and thanks for voting for me. All the best to you.

great post. i love the behind the scenes photos. can’t wait to see what is up your sleeve. you got my vote 🙂

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