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Pizza in America


Though modern pizza originated in Naples, Italy, American pizza has garnered widespread acclaim for its deliciousness thanks to its diverse range of flavors and styles. The United States embraced pizza with open arms, leading to a fusion of various culinary traditions. American pizza caters to diverse tastes, whether it’s the classic New York-style thin crust, the deep-dish Chicago pie, or the innovative toppings found in artisanal pizzerias. Generous portions of cheese, an array of toppings, and creative combinations contribute to its appeal. Additionally, the availability of pizza nationwide ensures accessibility to this beloved comfort food. American pizza’s ability to adapt and innovate while maintaining its comforting and indulgent nature makes it undeniably good.

How did America adopt the Italian pizza?

Italian immigrants brought pizza to America at the end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th centuries. The people of America took to the dish with gusto! Since its introduction to the culinary landscape, the United States has developed a wide range of pizza styles, many of which have become iconic in their own right. These styles reflect the country’s diverse culinary influences and preferences.

US pizzas

Some of the most notable types of pizza America is known for include (but are not limited to):

  • New York-Style Pizza: This thin-crust pizza is characterized by its large, foldable slices, often features a generous amount of tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, and is a popular street food in New York City.
  • Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza: This style of pizza is renowned for its deep, buttery crust that forms a substantial “bowl” to hold ample layers of cheese, toppings, and chunky tomato sauce. It’s more like a hearty pie than a traditional flat pizza.
  • Detroit-Style Pizza: Similar to Sicilian pizza, Detroit-style pizza is characterized by its rectangular shape and thick, crispy crust that’s often caramelized along the edges due to the cheese being baked against the pan. The toppings are placed in reverse order, with the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on top.
  • California-Style Pizza: California-style pizza is known for its creative and often unconventional toppings. It’s typically lighter and features a thin crust. Often incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients and may include unique combinations like goat cheese, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, and more.
  • St. Louis-Style Pizza: St. Louis-style pizza features a thin, cracker-like crust and is cut into squares or rectangles rather than traditional triangular slices. It’s known for its distinctive Provel cheese, a processed cheese blend popular in the region.
  • Hawaiian Pizza: While its origins are debated, Hawaiian pizza is quite popular and known for its sweet and savory topping combination of ham and pineapple.
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza: Inspired by Buffalo-style chicken wings, this pizza features spicy chicken tossed in Buffalo sauce and is typically paired with blue cheese or ranch dressing for dipping.
  • Barbecue Chicken Pizza: A fusion of barbecue flavors and pizza, this pie features barbecue sauce as the base, along with grilled or roasted chicken, red onions, and cilantro.
  • White Pizza: While not tied to a specific region, white pizza is known for its lack of tomato sauce. Instead, it features a base of ricotta, alfredo, or other creamy white sauce, often topped with a mix of cheeses and other ingredients like garlic and spinach.
  • Artisanal and Gourmet Pizzas: In recent years, the US has seen a rise in artisanal and gourmet pizzerias that offer creative and high-quality ingredients. These pizzas often feature unique flavor combinations and specialty toppings.

American pizza styles showcase the diverse culinary landscape of the United States and reflect the country’s penchant for experimentation and creativity when it comes to this beloved dish.

What is your favorite American pizza style? What do you like to top it with? Let us know in the comments!

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