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Producer Spotlight : Cultivate Taste Tea

cultivate taste tea

Cultivate Taste – award winning, organic, handcrafted, fair-trade, loose leaf teas made with zero flavorings, candy, or sugar. Owned and operated by Wisconsin’s only Certified Tea Specialist (since 2009), Jennifer Nowicki.

Jennifer’s early introduction to tea came at her Grandmother’s knee and she still holds those fond memories of drinking tea with her Grandma, following delicious homemade family meals, close to her heart.

As a young adult, Jennifer discovered loose-leaf teas in Seattle, Washington that developed her palate even further. There she had found her passion. In 2005 she enrolled in the Specialty Tea Institute in New York City to fully immerse herself in the world of tea.

Jennifer continues to spend considerable time acquainting herself with owners of tea estates, tasting exotic teas, and learning everything that she can from the experts in the tea world.

cultivate taste tea

Jennifer owned and operated a small tea house in Milwaukee for three years before relocating to Northeast Wisconsin. She sources every ingredient direct, blends each tea variety by hand, and has loyal customers both domestically and internationally. Each high grade organic and fair-trade ingredient enhances the tea; it does not to mask it. She truly wants you to enjoy and develop your palate, while feeling good that you are drinking something healthy too!

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