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Producer Spotlight : IncrEDIBLE

IncrEDIBLE Edible Spoons

Make your next picnic or party as incrEDIBLE as you are!

IncrEDIBLE is a small business started by a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds and cultures who all share a passion for sustainability and a pledge to help surmount the plastic problem that has been ignored for too long. Reinvent the way you eat by replacing ALL plastic utensils with our incrEDIBLE options. Our neighbors in the ocean deserve it.

IncrEDIBLE Edible Spoons

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans (by weight). IncrEDIBLE is a proud member of the Impact Collective, a group of forward-thinking brands committed to taking immediate and positive action to neutralize the collective plastic footprint. Together these businesses are empowered to be responsible stewards of our planet while providing customers with high-quality products.

Impact Collective

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