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Producer Spotlight : Craftstone Knives

Craftstone Knives

Craftstone offers unique and functional kitchen tools that enhance your daily food preparation. They also make a perfect one of a kind gift to mark a special event or milestone and celebrate the people you love!

You can customize:

  • The handle (choose from a wide range of all-natural materials)
  • Engravings (personalize them with a design or text)
Each also comes with a beautiful crystal set into the base of the handle.
Craftstone Knives

Craftstone knives are created with finest attention to quality and craftmanship.


The blades are made with superior German 1.4116 Krupp forged Steel. This steel is known for its superior quality, has a hardness rating of 58 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, and each blade goes through a vacuum heat and tempering treatment, as well as a Cryogenic Hardening where the blades are cooled to approximately −185 °C (−301 °F) in liquid Nitrogen. These treatments give the blades the perfect mix of durability and edge retention, they are also easy to sharpen and have excellent resistance to oxidation.

The handles and other decorative features are made with the finest natural stone (marble, granite, and semi-precious) and a variety of hardwoods around the world. The natural materials give each knife unique, one of a kind variations in their colors and patterns. They are also ergonomically shaped to fit your hand and feel comfortable.

Custom design your own taste into your kitchen knives to create superior quality, elegant, one of kind knives!

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Craftstone knives

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