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Producer Spotlight : Delava

Sweet, delightful, vegan, organic, single-serving baklava!

Baklava lovingly made by hand, meticulously brushing every layer with butter, and cutting them into their unique square shapes for packaging. Delava’s Baklava is flaky, made with all-natural, locally-sourced organic & vegan ingredients, for a great dessert you can take on the go.

Their process is simple – they just use high-quality ingredients that do the job. No artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives.

Delava snacks

Sager Aref’s desire to begin Delava stemmed from a genuine love of baklava. Starting at a very young age he was gifted baklava for holiday celebrations by his mother and could never get enough of the dessert. However, seeking out baklava in USA didn’t yield the results he desired – no restaurant or bakery he found could match the quality of the treat he had grown up with.
Sager had studied to be a biomedical technology and health administration professional and previously worked in product apps and business development. However, even with zero culinary experience, his fervent passion for baklava set him on a path to teach himself to make the best version of this treat that he could possibly make.
Hundreds and hundreds of pans of baklava and hours and hours of time spent perfecting his recipes originally yielded two amazing baklava flavors, walnut and cashew & rose water, with more flavors to come on the horizon.
His recipe may be a closely guarded secret, but his baklava is more than the recipe. It is also his passion for selecting good-tasting, high-quality, organic ingredients. Sager spends a lot of time tasting and sourcing the ingredients for every batch. For example, cashews taste different depending on the region and farm they come from. To select the perfect cashew for his baklava, he tasted more than 10 types of cashews from different places until he found exactly the right one. It can be a long process, but it is worth it, in the end, to be able to craft the best product possible that really wows customers.

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