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Producer Spotlight : Fiscalini Farmstead

Over 100 years of quality farmstead cheesemaking…. a difference you can truly taste!

Fiscalini Farmstead

Fiscalini Farmstead started as a modest dairy farm over 100 years ago. The farm was established in 1914 by the great-grandfather of the current owner who emigrated from Switzerland and settled in sunny Modesto, California. Today, the fourth generation owns and operates the business and continues a way of life that respects, preserves, and honors the animals, the land, and resources.

Just like winemakers, their cheesemakers are a part of the entire cheesemaking process from start to finish. They oversee their creations as the cheeses evolve during the aging process. Made mostly by hand, it takes thousands of gallons of milk to produce each batch of their handcrafted cheese.

Fiscalini Farmstead

All of their delicious cheese varieties are made with milk that only comes from their very own cows on their dairy, which is located just 30 feet from their cheese plant. Having the milk source right next door means that they know that their milk is as fresh as possible and the quality is exceptional. Their cows receive the best care as they believe that happy cows produce the best milk. Also, using only the milk from their own cows has allowed them to achieve a unique superior taste and quality which has led them to win numerous awards over the years.

They are committed to making the best-tasting, handcrafted cheeses in the world and truly believe in the art and skill required to make cheese by hand. They are a true farmstead and confidently pass on the finest tasting cheese to their consumers.

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