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Producer Spotlight : Giusti Modena

Truly exceptional balsamic with a long & rich history. Celebrate 417 years of history in every exquisite drop of Giusti balsamic!

Giusti Modena

Get to know Giusti Modena, Italy’s oldest balsamic vinegar producer, who originally opened their doors back in 1605, and continues to create a complex harmony of flavors and a product of true excellence. Creating exceptional balsamic vinegar depends on the competence, experience, attention to detail, and a lengthy period of aging. Proud of know-how that has been refined over its 400-year family history, Giusti combines both its respect for tradition with a sense of local corporate responsibility and a modern and sustainable production philosophy.

More than four centuries have passed since their family ancestors initiated the first series of barrels of balsamic vinegar in the attics of their home in Via Farini. Today, Giusti balsamic vinegars enrich the dishes of the best chefs and decorate the shelves of the most exclusive shops in Italy and around the world.

Giusti Modena


Following centuries of simple oral tradition, Giuseppe Giusti was among the first to write down the rules for obtaining a “perfect Balsamic Vinegar”. His text, written down in 1863 on the occasion of the Modena Agricultural Fair, teaches that the choice of grapes, the quality of the casks, and time are the fundamental ingredients. The quality of the raw materials, the long aging time required, and above all the availability of casks that have been aging Balsamic Vinegar for centuries already are the elements that still make Giusti Balsamic Vinegar so precious.


Obtaining great balsamic vinegar depends on the competence, experience, and taste of its maker. Not only a careful selection of the grapes but also the cooking system and above all the great complexity of the aging process, with casks of various woods and sizes. These are the factors that the “maestro acetiere” needs to manage to obtain a great result. Not to forget time, an important element of the natural processes. A family art, maintained throughout generations, which seals the quality and taste of a product capable of defying time.

Giusti Modena


Over the centuries, thanks to extensive travels in Italy and Europe, Giusti Balsamic Vinegars have received numerous awards and recognition for the exceptional flavor of the product. Among the most representative, are the 14 gold medals obtained at the Great Exhibitions of the late 1800s. Due to their historical value and relevance, the medals are still part of Giusti’s iconographic heritage, appearing on labels designed at the beginning of the twentieth century.


The quality of Giusti Balsamic Vinegar conquered not only the Italian and European audience but also the King of Italy Vittorio Emanuele III, who granted in 1929 the high title of “Supplier of the Royal House of Savoy”, conceding to Giusti the privilege of displaying the Royal Seal of Approval on his balsamic. It is still incorporated on all Giusti Balsamic Vinegars bottles as a symbol of the iconographic heritage of the brand.

Since the seventeenth century, the Giusti family has been producing Balsamic Vinegar, passing down a recipe that creates a complex harmony of flavors and a product of excellence, appreciated all over the world.

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