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Producer Spotlight : Gustus Vitae


Easily transform simple plates into signature dishes!

The Gustus Vitae spice company started life as fun and unique gifts for friends and family members. From playing in the kitchen mixing spices the fledgling company started offering those spice mixes at local farmer’s markets in Venice Beach, California. There they happened upon a buyer for Whole Foods markets who was very interested in their inventive fresh spice blends. The buyer started coaching Francis, the owner of Gustus Vitae, on how to label the spices, barcodes, ingredient lists, and more and brought their brand into Whole Foods stores. From there the company really took off!

The idea stemmed from a love of food and a desire to enhance dishes with the best flavors possible.


The company is small with around 20 long-term employees. Every spice blend is invented with input from the entire team, feedback from customers, and hand-blended to perfection in small batches. The entire team works together in order to present a top quality, consistent product – almost entirely sourced from small farms in the USA.

They currently offer over 400 different flavors – single spices, salts, seasoning blends, and gourmet sugars. All are sourced using sustainable practices; they are non-GMO, all natural, no fillers, no chemicals, no MSG – just top quality fresh ingredients.

A higher quality alternative to mass-produced spices, designed to enhance all levels of cooking.

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