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Producer Spotlight : IT SAUCE

Spicy, sweet, with a touch of umami… your taste buds won’t know what hit them!

IT Sauce

With this flavorful sauce, Chef Fish strives to redefine condiments and hot sauce itself. This sauce is incredibly versatile with a smoky & sweet flavor that is bold enough to add to hearty dishes while balanced enough to elevate even the most delicate of foods.



What kind of pepper is in the sauce?

The sauce is made from the very rare Criolla pepper. Criolla peppers are medium-heat peppers from the Andes Mountains. They are more than just spice! The peppers are indeed spicy, but they are also aromatic, sweet, and tangy with hints of mango and citrus.

Criolla Yellow


Who is Chef Fish?

Chef Fish’s name is Dan Fisher but everyone calls him Fish. He studied the culinary arts and graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu academy, is a lover of all things delicious, and a devoted family man.


How did he come up with this sauce?

IT SAUCE came to fruition in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chef “Fish” was furloughed from his job in the summer of 2020. Finding himself with quite a bit of free time on his hands, Chef Fish decided to pursue a passion project he had always wanted to try – creating an absolutely killer hot sauce. He wanted to create a sauce that could be extremely versatile, complex, had a beautifully clean label and featured a beautiful balance of rare ingredients. The kind of sauce you simply don’t find in your usual neighborhood grocery store. A little over a year later, IT SAUCE was officially launched and ready for the world to enjoy the fruits of Chef Fish’s labor. This tasty sauce is proudly 100% made in, owned in, and operated in the United States of America.


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