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Producer Spotlight : Just Explore, Holidays & Tours

It is time for adventure… Spain is waiting!

Just Explore is a small boutique travel agency, opened in 2014, and based in Andalucia (which is located in beautiful Southern Spain).

Rosa Lara, the CEO & Founder of this exciting project was born and raised in Montilla, a small town in the province of Córdoba. She has a translation degree from the University of Granada and previously worked for over 14 years in international sales. During those years working for two different companies, she had a reoccurring dream: opening her own small boutique travel agency. She wanted to make travelers fall in love with Spain by offering unique tailored experiences that would remain forever in their souls.

They say that home is where the heart is… and hers definitely belongs to this beautiful country where she was born. She feels passion and love for what Spain has to offer and would like to share this contagious feeling with you through true immersion into the culture and traditions of the location.

With Rosa and her team, you will be taken off the beaten track to make you feel as if you were just another local and not a tourist. With a vast network of character accommodation and restaurants, impeccable transport services, excellent licensed guides, and with an emphasis on quality over quantity, they have a great selection of unique experiences to make your trip an unforgettable journey.

As most travelers say, what they offer is not simply a custom trip to Spain, they create memories! Do you want to join them on an adventure? Spain is waiting!

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