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Producer Spotlight : Popilicious


Popilicious brings delicious flavors together with popcorn to give you the sweet and crunchy popcorn treats you’ve always dreamed of, but never could have imagined.

Popilicious (formerly Popped Passion) was born out of a passion for popcorn and a love of family. While her son was deployed in Afghanistan and her daughter was serving overseas in Cameroon, Africa, the founder looked to her love of popcorn to occupy her mind and quell her thoughts. What started as a small hobby to keep her worries at bay, turned into the world’s first commercially sold popcorn cake!

At Popilicious, popcorn is a passion. And it is with this passion that the team pops every single kernel that goes into these unique and incredibly delicious treats.v


Freshly popped popcorn that slices like a cake with the yummy sensation of a marshmallow treat. Each cake is customized with your favorite candy, nuts, or dried fruits and then finished with sprinkles and a delicious Ghiradelli chocolate drizzle. Each cake is beautifully packaged in clear wrap and topped with a matching bow, because presentation is EVERYTHING!

Customized popcorn cakes, mini cakes, and popcorn pops are perfect for gifts for holiday celebrations, birthdays, tailgate parties, corporate parties/gifts, and more!

popcorn pie

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