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Producer Spotlight : ¡Que Rico! Tapas

Learn authentic Spanish recipes & cooking techniques from home and give your loved ones a gastronomic trip through the flavours of Spain!

¡Que rico! Tapas Bio

¡Hola! Meet Estefania Led Ramos from Aragon, Spain. She moved to England in 2011 and after many years working as a journalist, decided it was time to follow her life-long passion and something that she really enjoyed – cooking and making other people happy with food. Her story is not unusual but might sound like a kind of a challenge… moving from one country to another and leaving a thriving career as a journalist to start a new one as a chef. It wasn´t easy, nor was it truly her plan but you never know what life can bring you… and life brought her to a place to create ¡Que Rico! Tapas.

¡Que Rico! Tapas is a mobile kitchen/catering company based in Cambridge, England servicing Cambridgeshire and nearby areas. Chef Estefania also teaches online cooking classes for students all over the world to bring the flavours from Spain directly into your home. She specializes in classic traditional Spanish food and in particular the famous “tapas” – a wide variety of appetizers/snacks/finger food which makes up the base of the Spanish cookery culture.

Que Rico Tapas

All of her events (in person or online) include stories about the ingredients, the dishes, and the history and culture behind the tapas. She will often explore the origins of recipes, share anecdotes about the names, and generally have fun with the food, the flavours, and the people she is cooking for or with.

But it’s not just about the food… it’s about sharing a special moment, around a table with friends and family. Chef Estefania believes that food, and sharing of that food with others, creates a special atmosphere where people enjoy, learn, and relax…it’s a unique moment and something she’d like to share with you.

Chef Estefania’s online cooking classes cover different traditional Spanish food topics: from tapas to paella, pintxos, Spanish omelets, churros with chocolate, and many more dishes. Experience online, from the comfort of your home kitchen, the same intimate, personalized class as you would in-person. Virtually join Chef Estefania and learn the joys of authentic Spanish cooking.

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