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Producer Spotlight : Taste Dalmatia


Unforgettable tailor-made travel experiences in Croatia await!

Taste Dalmatia is a specialist for tailor-made travel with focusing on the untapped culinary and wine heritage of Croatia. For more than 15 years they have built a strong network of local partners, guides, winemakers, chefs, and more to bring you unique, local, personalized, and hands on experiences. They specialize in unforgettable tours and experiences in Croatia. Why Croatia?

A Bit About Croatia

Croatia is a small yet highly geographically diverse country, one of the most famous and well known European countries for vacations. With more than a thousand islands, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, thousands of years of cultural, wine, and food heritage – it can be perfect location for new experiences, authentic, private, and unique discoveries.

Taste Dalmatia

Croatian Food

Croatian cuisine reflects influences of the culinary traditions of neighboring countries and various nations that ruled Croatia throughout history. There are similarities with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish cuisines… and yet, Croatian dishes have their own distinct interpretation and taste.

Croatian Wine

Although Croatia’s land area is one tenth that of France, it has several diverse regions which boast a wide variety of wines, from refreshing whites to robust reds and great sparkling ones too. Croatia is divided into four major winemaking regions: Eastern Continental Croatia, Croatian Highlands, Istria and Kvarner Bay, and Dalmatia. They boast various varieties, indigenous and imported, hundreds of winemakers and many different wine styles.

Croatian Olive Oil

The ancient Romans were among the first to appreciate the beneficial qualities of olive oil. Centuries later, this legacy lives on in Dalmatian kitchens, where olive oil is used to transform simple fresh produce into wonderfully delicious food. The beginnings of olive growing in Dalmatia date back to the late Bronze Age, as indicated by the olive pits found during archaeological excavations in the Vranjic area, near the ancient city of Salona. Olives have been, and continue to be, one of the most common and most important fruits grown in Dalmatia. Throughout the history it was the staple product of the islands and coastal areas. Olive trees supplied the local people with everything they needed: wood for timber and firewood, leaves for animal feed, fruit for human consumption and oil for food, medicines and lamps. Today, Dalmatia has about 4.5 million olive trees and most of the oil is produced locally, with all stages of production taking place in the region where the olives are grown: from planting, picking, pressing, and processing to bottling and packaging.


Join Taste Dalmatia and immerse yourself in the rich cultural, culinary, and wine heritage of Croatia while supporting local producers and help bring back life to villages long abandoned and preserve Croatian cultural, historical, and natural riches.

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