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Producer Spotlight : TMK Creamery

TMK Creamery

Real farm. Real food. It all starts on the farm.
TMK Creamery is a family owned and operated business in beautiful Canby, Oregon, USA. They spend their days doing what they love, working in an industry that makes a difference worldwide, and sharing that passion with people from all walks of life.The farm itself began as a 4H project to raise a calf. The siblings all slowly started getting on board – wanting to raise the cows and wanting to make cheese from their milk. They have grown from 1 cow to over 20 adults, 50 acres of farm land, they have a second hay farm and cattle ranch, and currently produce a bit over 500 lbs of cheese per week.

The original owners, and proud parents of the current owners, still live on the farm and lovingly watch over the generations taking the reins of the business.

TMK Creamery

They strive to give everyone a transparent look at where food comes from. They grow, feed, milk and make- from start to finish- to offer your family real quality food.

Their goals:

  • Quality food made simply, with ingredients that you recognize
  • Knowing where our food comes from
  • They care deeply for their animals and treat them with kindness and respect
  • Forward thinking stewardship of their land
  • Recycling Nutrient water and consistent management of waste
  • Limiting packaging and using sustainable materials
  • Thinking creatively to upcycle remnants from each process

A difference you can see AND taste.

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