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The Oldest Sustainable Farm in Malibu

Entry from PCH

Vital Zuman – Since 1954
It is rare to come across a sustaimable farm in LA County so near to the coast, but we made the discovery. On one of my road trips to the local wineries with my business partner Helen, we stumbled upon this gem of a farm called Vital Zuman on PCH in Malibu.


Alan the owner of Vital Zuman. Family owned since 1954


We went in to see what it was all about and it is amazing.  The farm has been in existence since 1954! We met Alan the owner who is a wealth of knowledge of both the native and cultivated plants on his property.  He can tell you the nutritional value of most of his crops. His growing season is year round thanks to the good climate in Southern California.


Vital Zuman farm stand
Vital Zuman farm stand

Alan’s parents bought the property in the early 50’s and always kept it a chemical-free agricultural zone. Vital Zuman sits on 6 beautiful acres, the soil has a rich dark color that exudes the full compliment of nutrients that make any plant thrive.

The farm stand has an eclectic bohemian feel. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to go out and pick items for you.

VZ garden

In October we can expect a wonderful array of greens, lettuces and still some heirloom tomatoes.

Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes

Squash of all sorts are also available. One interesting discovery that Alan introduced me to were the Rangpur limes that look like clementine tangerines but definitely taste like limes with a wonderful sweet rind.

A variety of squash
A variety of squash

I will be using these gems in the dessert that I am preparing for our October 24th fundraiserVital Zuman squash is truly divine with varieties such as spaghetti, butternut, zucchini and kuri. They also grow wonderful figs and stone fruit when in season.

Vital Zuman is a gem to visit and the product is very fresh and tasty too!

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Comments (4)

I would love to visit this place sometime.


    It is a very cool place with wonderful produce all grown from the heart.


does the guy still do Fairy card readings? x


    I’m not sure if he does. It is quite possible.

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