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Producer Spotlight : Avocado Tea Company

Avocado Tea Company

St. Louis natives and husband and wife team Scott Wibbenmeyer and Sharon Colona moved to California to escape the chilly Missouri winters. After months of searching they found the perfect piece of land with the perfect view, but it only had one catch: there was an Avocado Grove on the property. Were they ready to run an avocado grove? Turns out that the answer was an enthusiastic YES!

Before purchasing the property the family researched avocados, their care, and came upon an unexpected discovery that would lead them to a whole new business adventure – the benefits of Avocado Leaf Tea! They discovered that the avocado leaf has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Old folklore even suggests that it helps with everything from the common cold to kidney stones.

They started experimenting with the tea and found the tea to be smooth, rustic, and absolutely delicious. Then they spent the months working with tea masters and testing facilities to ensure the process in which they picked, stored, and milled the avocado leaves maintained their medicinal integrity.

Avocado Tea Company

They opted to use pyramid shaped tea sachets, because the pyramid shape allows more room for the tea leaves to expand, releasing more flavor and healthy compounds. The tea sachets are biodegradable and contain no plastics or microplastics, plus all of their containers are recyclable.

These flavorful Avocado Teas are hand-picked from their grove in Temecula, California, and contains NO additives or chemicals. This venture has been a labor of love for their family and it is their hope you will enjoy the tea as much as they do.

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