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Producer Spotlight : Chef Thomas Organics

From the farm to your table… in the expert hands of Chef Thomas

Chef Thomas - Miz En Place

Chef Thomas brings the farm directly to your table! He is committed to the highest quality, healthiest, organic foods. He supports local sustainable farms and is always sourcing from the best that his local area has to offer. Chef Thomas practices a healthy “conscious” approach to cooking. His goal is to nourish not only your body, but also your mind and spirit. He does not use unhealthy oils, highly processed techniques, no refined sugars, and no added chemicals. He works hard to cultivate a fun experience that celebrates nature and food.

He offers cooking classes, meal preps, private dinners, and much more.

chef thomas

Who is Chef Thomas?

Chef Thomas Drury was born, raised, and still lives in beautiful city of Malibu in Southern California. Chef Thomas has always had a hunger for cooking… in just the right way. Chef Thomas honed his skills in various local restaurant kitchens including the exclusive Saddle Peak Lodge in the hills of Malibu. From there he has worked hard to provide a variety of popup dining experiences, private dinner parties, and other services to truly bring mindfulness to his culinary art. He believes in and supports regenerative organic agricultural practices and goes the extra mile to source only the best local products. Confident that cuisine is medicine, his mission is to change the way we all view food and eat through conscious cooking.

Chef Thomas is excited to be able to share the gift of sacred life at your table.

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