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Producer Spotlight : Parnon Estates

Parnon Estates has been a family-run business for generations, and producing premium olive oil is part of their history. They have always organically nurtured their groves, land, and trees to provide superior quality olive oil. Their authentic olive cultivation, harvesting, pressing, and storage exceeds all global standards and has earned us them the distinction of being a USDA certified organic, Ultra Premium, Extra Virgin Olive Oil producer.

The Groves

Their family land, located in the Peloponnese region in Southern Greece, is known for its favorable climate which is perfect for the growth and prosperity of their trees. Due to this ideal climate, their olives can cultivate on their own with minimal human intervention, resulting in the most authentic organic olive oil. The combination of the high altitude in which the trees are grown, their mineral-rich mountainside soil and the constant exposure to sunlight are the key ingredients to what breathes excellence into the organic olives of the beautiful Koroneiki variety.

The Olives

Parnon’s trees are of the beautiful Koroneiki variety. This strain of olives is the most plump, flavorful, and yields more premium oil than any other variety with added health benefits and uses. The olives produce a unique, fresh taste, distinct quality and rich aroma. Their olive oil is never blended with others which is the main attribute to why the oil is rich, luxurious and pure in taste and appearance.

The Harvesting Method

The Koroneiki olives are hand-picked the traditional way, and cold pressed within hours to retain all the natural taste and nutrients. Parnon Estates process them in a perfectly controlled environment, using modern methods in state-of-the-art facilities. The measures we take ensure a fully certified product of the highest caliber.

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