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Producer Spotlight : The Olive Trading Co.

The ultimate farm to table olive oil experience… at home!

The Olive Trading Co

The Olive Trading Co. was originally founded to help share the knowledge and joy of organic, fresh, and tasty Olive Oil. Their mission is to build mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with their producers and customers and continue to grow and educate culinary consumers on organic pressed oils.

They truly want their customers to know who produced the oil they are using and where it comes from… helping to create the ultimate farm to table experience in the comfort of your own home. Each bottle that has a harvest date clearly printed on it as well as information as to exactly where the olive oil was sourced from.

The Olive Trading Co

Who is Raphael Bondi?

Founder and EVOO expert Raphael Bondi has been fascinated with olive oil since his youth. Sommelier certified and knowledgeable in the differences in the olive varieties and particular tastes resulted in many years of learning all that he can about Olive oil from all over the world. Over time, Raphael discovered the cultural beauty, benefits, and intricacies of this wonderful product and has put that knowledge to good use in his company’s offerings.

Experience the difference their organic pressed olive oil brings to your dishes.

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