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Santa Barbara Food Not Lawn Chapter

A friend of mine just brought to my attention the Santa Barbara food Not Lawns Project.

She has been participating in this, by growing vegetables at her home.

Their first neighborhood exchange group met in March of 2007 and soon after more exchange groups formed. They welcome people with all types of food from fruits, vegetables, herbs chickens etc… It’s about using the land around your home for food production instead of sustaining a large lawn.

When I heard about this I was so impressed with it. Having small sources of food production on the land around your home is not an unusual site in many parts of Europe. It was always something that I saw on my travels and made perfect sense to me. I have grown my own vegetables on and off over the past 10 years with varying success. This organization also allies itself with professional gardeners and food producers to help the cause.

There are chapters throughout the United States as well as Montreal Canada and Granada Spain.

Check out their website and the parent organization website.

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