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Producer Spotlight : Ronda’s Fine Foods

Bring the flavors of the world to your table with ease!

Ronda's Fine Foods

Ronda’s Fine Foods is a California-based, family-owned, business focused on creating unique, small batch, gourmet food items to inspire the discerning home chef. Their line of delicious products aims to complement your table and help you create beautiful and delicious meals that you will be proud to share with your family and friends.

The two co-founders of Ronda’s Fine Foods, Ronda Brittian and Steve Davis, met in early 2018. Their first date, a 7-mile hike in the beautiful Sonoma hills, set the foundation for what turned into a beautiful relationship. They soon realized that Ronda’s great passion for all things culinary and Steve’s 30+ year career in the food industry may also be a fortuitous alliance for them both to realize their long-held culinary dreams. Hers: to create a delicious, gourmet specialty food products and His: to launch a premium product line of his very own.

Ronda's Fine Foods

Who is Ronda?

Ronda was raised in a very entrepreneurial, food centered home. Her father, Ron, was a true visionary who combined his love of cooking with an engaging spirit and her mother, Carol, the loving backbone of the home along with her Grandparents, brought their rich traditions of Mexico from one side and true Southern Home-style Cooking from the other, helped plant the seeds of culinary creativity in her younger years.

Ronda’s most cherished role is mother to her three children. They were raised in the kitchen where her cooking focused on fresh ingredients, family favorites, explorations of diverse cultures, and heritage cooking. The family meal is still central to Ronda’s home life and each is created with a strong vision of bringing the family together as often as possible.

By day, Ronda works as a Neurology RN at a Level 2 Trauma Hospital where she sees first-hand the result of poor nutrition and the impact this has on the body. She strives to share her passion for food, fresh air and exercise as the foundational trilogy for healing mind, body and spirit.

Ronda’s Fine Foods Wins 2022 New Product sofi™ Award

Who is Steve?

Steve’s favorite role is father to his three grown children and grandpa to his two precious grandkids. An avid outdoor cycling enthusiast, Steve knows how to balance the work hard, play hard mentality to perfection.

Steve brings extensive food industry experience through a successful career of representing brands sold throughout the United States and across all types of retail stores.  In the past decade, Steve has focused his time and efforts in developing the US market for smaller, emerging, premium brands. Steve enjoys the challenge and complexities that come with introducing a start-up brand and product, as well as the strong sense of accomplishment when a new product resonates with, and is embraced by, his customers.

Throughout Steve’s career he has held numerous positions of responsibility encompassing a variety of roles that include product development, manufacturing, sales, retailer and distributor relationships, operations, finance, logistics, and marketing.  He looks forward to using his extensive expertise to ensure that everyone, from consumers to retailers, will have a positive and unforgettable experience with Ronda’s Fine Foods.

Ronda's Fine Foods

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