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Miz En Place is about joining together communities of food lovers, culinarians, and artisan producers all over the world for unique, quality, piquant experiences. Savor more of our diverse culinary world through the people, flavors, and adventures that will enrich and excite your senses.

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Kim’s Double Chocolate Dream Cookies

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These cookies are so so good. Decadent, soft and chewy, crisp at the edges… they remind me of a very rich all-edge brownie. If you love chocolate and brownies and cookies this recipe is for you. On to the how-to! Start by gathering all of your ingredients and kitchen tools. Kitchen tools you will need: […]

Kim’s Amazing “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” Potato Salad

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Potato salad is such a versatile side dish that is tasty, filling, and really easy to make. I came up with this recipe after trying so many other recipes that never really hit the right mark for me… and I cannot stand store-bought, pre-packaged potato salad… I have yet to find one that I actually […]

Ricotta & Olive Oil Spread with Crostini

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Ricotta cheese is said to be from Sicily, which would explain why everyone’s favorite Italian dessert, the cannoli, was also brought to us by way of Sicily. Ricotta’s sweet and mild flavor is what gives it the versatility to be used in desserts and more savory dishes. This whipped ricotta & olive spread is an […]


Is Sea Salt Better For You Than Table Salt?

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Over the last few years sea salt has become incredibly popular as an alternative to table salt even though sea salt has been used as a seasoning by humans since prehistoric times. Aside from culinary uses people often use sea salt today in bath soaks, body scrubs, cosmetics, beverages, and a wide variety of other […]

Is Coffee Good For You?

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A large number of people start their day with a steaming cup (or two) of coffee. By “large number” I mean coffee is currently the world’s most popular beverage. Without a doubt coffee perks you up and can be a very comfortable way to begin every new day. However, is coffee drinking actually good for […]

Health Benefits of Adding Tea to Your Diet

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Tea has been a staple drink in many cultures for thousands of years… and for good reason! It is hydrating, comes in a wide variety of types, flavors, blends, and can benefit your body. Teas are full of nutrients and important minerals for your body such as flavonoids, catechins, polyphenols, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, zinc, […]

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