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Miz En Place is about joining together communities of food lovers, culinarians, and artisan producers all over the world for unique, quality, piquant experiences. Savor more of our diverse culinary world through the people, flavors, and adventures that will enrich and excite your senses.

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Recipes Around The World

Halloween Candy Fondue

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Fondue is always a crowd pleaser. This recipe is great for parties or small gatherings. It is easy, fun, and delicious. Grab a few handfuls of your favorite chocolate Halloween candy, some bulk chocolate, a small slow-cooker or crockpot, and a little heavy cream… and enjoy a decadent and fun Fondue! A great way to […]

Spooky Fresh Berry Cake

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Decadent, fresh, and bright. The fresh berries really make this cake sing! The contrast of the red berries on the white cake is also a sure showstopper. Sweet, bright, and spooky!

Witch’s Hat Individual Cone Cakes

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Cake cones! These individual cakes are a fun surprise and a nice twist on a standard cupcake. Kids simply love discovering that the “hat” is full of yummy cake. Fun and festive Halloween individual cakes inside yummy sugar cones.


Is Balsamic Vinegar Healthy?

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Balsamic vinegar is simply an amazing addition to many dishes. Our last article about this yummy liquid went over what balsamic vinegar is, how it is made, what it is typically used for, and what to look for when you buy a bottle. However, one thing we didn’t touch on is whether or not balsamic […]

All About Balsamic – what exactly is it, what do you use it for, and what should you look for when buying it?

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Balsamic vinegar is a dark, slightly sweet, richly flavored vinegar used to enhance a wide variety of dishes. How is balsamic vinegar made? Balsamic vinegar is a staple in a lot of kitchens and can be found in just about any grocery store you walk into. You will also find it in a wide range […]

7 Easy and Fun “Spooky” Halloween Recipes

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Halloween is such a fun and exciting time of year for people of all ages. The days are shorter and cooler. The evenings are filled with costumes, parties, delicious foods, interesting drinks, candy, and fun. Planning a Halloween party? Have a few kids over and want to treat them to a fun craft they can […]

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