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Thanksgiving Dinner… with a twist!


As the weather turns chilly and the holiday season is really gearing up it might be fun to try a few new recipes this Thanksgiving. Whether you are planning a large gathering or a smaller more intimate one, these recipes are sure to both surprise and delight the taste buds of all who try them.

1.) Start the evening with Pan Seared Scallops and Amatriciana Sauce

Pan Seared Scallops with Frescobene Amatriciana Sauce These pan seared scallops are a wonderful and interesting start to your Thanksgiving celebrations. Scallops are meaty and light. The Amatriciana sauce adds so much depth. These will certainly disappear quickly!


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2.) Try a new twist for the Cranberry Sauce

Vino Cotto Cranberry Fruit Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving dinner staple – but that doesn’t mean this sweet dish can’t be improved upon. The vino cotto adds a unique flavor profile and the combination of less traditional fruits (such as apples and peaches) make this “cranberry sauce” memorable and incredibly delicious.


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3.) A slightly different Turkey

Vino Cotto Turkey While you have your Vino Cotto on the counter – use it for a more modern twist on your Thanksgiving meal centerpiece! The bird is poached and then grilled for tender and flavorful meat.


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4.) Sensational Stuffing (or dressing)



Stuffing is so savory and delicious! Make it in the bird or out. There is always room for stuffing.


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5.) Cover it all in amazing Turkey Gravy



Turkey gravy is one of the best parts of the entire meal! If you are anything like my family, we tend to pour it over almost everything. Make this version with or without the giblets – some have a very strong flavor that can be off putting for some people… if you opt-out of adding the giblets, please make sure you still add the neck.


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6.) Sop up your yummy Turkey Gravy with a British classic!

Traditional Yorkshire Pudding These tasty puddings are traditionally served with gravy as a starter dish followed by the meat and vegetables… but they would be equally yummy alongside your main Thanksgiving meal.


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7.) End the evening with a refreshing Magical Coffee

magical coffee recipe After-dinner coffee is always appreciated when the meal is as heavy as Thanksgiving tends to be. Try this tasty twist for a sweet after-dinner pick-me-up.


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Happy autumn everyone!

Have you made any of these delicious recipes?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving go-to?

Let us know in the comments!

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