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Producer Spotlight : Bel-Fries

Born in Belgium, made in America: Bel-Fries & their amazing premium fries & sauces

Bel Fries

Bel-Fries artisan fries and sauces are made from scratch, with farm-fresh local produce and premium ingredients, so you can enjoy the best fries and flavors on the planet, every time!Don’t call them French Fries. Call them Bel-Fries! American soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to French Fries during World War I. Since the language of the Belgian army was French, American soldiers nicknamed the delicious fried potatoes “French Fries”. The name stuck! Decades later Americans are still giving credit to the wrong country. It is time to give Belgium credit and reinvent the name to Bel-Fries.


At their US restaurant in New York, they pride themselves in being the opposite of places like McDonald’s, where the fries are always exactly the same. Like all real foods, Bel-Fries flavors change with the seasons. Depending on the time of year, they might be using Norwis, Kennebec, Gold, or premium Idaho potatoes.They buy their fresh ingredients—yuzu juice, black truffle, Indian mango—from the same farms and suppliers that serve chefs like David Chang and Jean-Georges, so their customers can experience fine-dining flavors at street-food prices.
The original Belgian fries & sauces. Born in Belgium, made in America.

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